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  Welcome to Walt Smith International Ltd. in Fiji. We are very proud to show you our 18,500 sq. ft. facility with five separate holding systems dedicated to various aquatic needs and 1-1/2 acres of adjacent land we are developing as our marine "land based" aquaculture facility.
    Almost all the fish are held in individual cubicles before shipping with colored dividers between each specimen to keep them calm while in our care. We have over 2,000 cubes, 14 tanks of 300 gallons and 30 tanks of 40 gallons to meet almost every need.
The system is over 5000 gallons with a pump for each row, RK2 skimmers, ozone generation and a chiller with a 50% water change every week and specially designed metal halide high bay lighting spaced four feet apart for maximum light coverage.
    Maintenance is a daily routine at WSI. Each cube must be cleaned and siphoned regularly to keep ammonia and detritus at an absolute minimum. We have crews dedicated to this job only.
    For our corals there are 3 tanks 40 ft. long x 2-1/2ft. wide with tremendous flow and state of the art LED lighting (over 140 LED units). In addition to the three 40 ft. tanks we also have five additional 20 foot tanks and a few various smaller tanks as well…of course there are the usual skimmers, ozone and chillers … We spare no expense at WSI to create as perfect of an environment as possible for the precious marine life in our care! Each system water quality is regularly check and supplements are added to maintain good coral health and growth. The coral systems also have good sized refugiums using out Fiji Mud to keep it all stable.
    All orders are selected very carefully for each customer’s requirements and all corals are checked a minimum of 2 times before they are shipped to ensure the best quality. Each specimen is packed in a minimum of 4 polyethylene bags with two separate layers of paper for that added protection against leaks. We overestimate the time of transit of 40 hours and pack according to that time frame to allow for any problems along the way.
    Our rock system is a unique design by Walt Smith. We are able to hold a massive amount at any one time all under the constant spray with the rock placed on racks spray allowing all the "nasties" to crawl off. This allows us to hold several weeks’ worth of rock while it is "curing" under the into the bottom of the tank where we can either put them back in the sea or sell the snails, crabs, eels etc.. that wind up in the tank below the rock.
    Because we are able to hold this much rock at one time you can always be sure that the rock you receive from WSI will be clean and ready for installation in your tanks …… please do not settle for inferior rock collected from the beach the same day it is shipped! Some companies make claim that all the "sea life" is better left on the rock but, all you get is a decaying mess at the other end that WILL foul your water. We are the ONLY company that holds and cures our rock, even so you should still take the necessary precautions to cure it again at you end. See our curing process on this web site.
    When the live rock (Fiji premium) comes into our facility, it is usually full of seaweed and mud that needs to be scrubbed and rinsed. Once the weeds, mud & sponge have been cleaned from the rock we then put it under our salt water power sprayer to give it that final cleaning before placing it in our system. The result of all this effort is seen here in our popular "Fiji Premium" rock and Tonga branch.
    We have a separate chilled system to hold anemones and have installed carpet on the bottom of the for damage free removal for a shipment.
    All of our sea water is pumped into holding tanks from 2 miles out where the water is crystal blue. Our water storage system is insulated and chilled to maintain the same temperature as our systems when we do our regular water changes.
    We invite all of the Fiji school system into our facility for field trips to share with them the wonders of the sea. Some weeks we have as many as five schools stop by for a visit that could last a couple of hours per visit.
    The media is also very interested in what we do and very often it serves as a check to make sure we are concerned with environmental issues. It seems that hardly a month goes by when we are not in the press in one form or another

Walt Smith International Fiji Ltd •  PO BOX 4466  •  Lautoka, Fiji Islands