The lists that you see below will describe all the items that our Fiji stations have to offer. Please keep in mind that some of the items are rare or from certain dive areas that we only visit occasionally because of distance or weather issues.
    We have just opened our new station in the northern island of Fiji so this list should continue to grow on a weekly basis as we continue to discover more species and new collection areas.
    One of our new areas has already provided us with many rare species on this list including the “Centropyge deborae” (Debs angel) that we had the privilege of officially naming. We named this fish after my wife Deborah. We expect to find many more new species in these (never before visited) areas that are either a new species or species fairly common in the industry but never before associated with Fiji waters … until now.
    You will notice that the list is broken down into categories of fish, corals and invertebrates and if you click on the title you are interested in the master list will drop down describing all the items found under that heading. Even though not every one of these species is available every single week we think you will be quite impressed with the list overall.


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