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  Walt Smith International has the unique opportunity to operate and explore a very resource rich country where healthy reef life and diversity is at the heart of our industry.
    Our experiments in Coral Farming have proved to provide a major impact on the hobby world-wide and it continues to excite us all here at ground zero.
    It is, and always has been, my goal to respect the resource and teach our staff to most sustainable methods to harvest and handle the precious Marine life in our care. We have been recognized as industry leaders in sustainable practice and we always keep that in mind when training new members on our team to respect the guidelines we have set for our role in sustainable harvest and “best practice” technique. There is no doubt that our coral farming efforts have led the industry in new ideas and we continue to learn more each day that get implemented on our farms. It is a fact that we actually grow more coral on our farms then our export figures show leaving a positive impact on the environment which makes us very proud to be able to say with confidence.
    Let’s face it, living in paradise and experimenting with coral diversity and growth is a dream come true to most hobbyist and I have never placed myself above the level of an excited hobbyist willing to share and learn as this “hobby” continues to grow.
    It is my pledge that we will never stop finding new ways to complement our efforts to bring only the best and healthiest marine life to this industry. This includes our never ending quest to implement new ideas in shipping protocol and husbandry that are brought to our attention through various groups and scientific research. Ship coral in Jell-O? Well okay. We will try it. Not all suggestions work out but we never stop trying to improve.
    Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and I hope you can find it useful and informative in some way.

Walt Smith
Walt Smith International Fiji Ltd •  PO BOX 4466  •  Lautoka, Fiji Islands