Greetings to all,
    Thank you for choosing to visit this site. On this page and the others that are linked in this section, you will find several topics that I have either written myself or find of great interest and concern. As you may be aware, I am considered one of the leading sources of marine organisms to the Aquarium Industry. In light of this I also feel deeply and actively responsible that the industry be held accountable for it’s activities. It is my opinion that our industry can provide one of the most rewarding and educational (hobbyist) experiences available but we must remain acutely aware of our responsibilities to the precious environment. As a member on the advisory board of the “Marine Aquarium Council” and an active speaker on the issues of sustainable harvest, I am both passionate about sharing the living world to enhance our appreciation of it and equally passionate about protecting it from dangerous and unsustainable technique.
    In this page you will find views of concern from several different sources including my own. Some, especially those posted by the U.S. Government, seem a bit negative to our industry but in each case point to a possible solution that always involves proper and accountable reef management and reporting. I support these views although (in some cases) do not fully agree with the “dooms day” approach presented by the writer. As someone who is in the field and has first hand knowledge of the actual size of the resource and numbers collected I feel a more responsible reporting method needs to be established to fully understand if negative impact is actually occurring. I think it is important to understand the concerns and dialog of the “powers that be” and it is for this reason if have included their papers.
    As long as I am a participant in this industry I will continue to research ways to constantly improve our methods for the benefit of the animals in our care. Recently, marine-culture has become a passion of mine and in the very near future I will be announcing the exciting results of our last two years of development in this field. Please watch for this to appear on our site and magazine ads.
    Most importantly, it is my belief that the unbiased sharing of useful information in our field will greatly advance our understanding and appreciation of the coral reef and inspire us to share our knowledge to help create a better planet for us all.

Walt Smith

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