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A new job applicant for a fish collector
…. Should I ?
Deb, our daughters Kaelyn and Brittany and our friend Carina on the way back from a dive. Deb with a handful of Goodies from the farm. Walt after a dive … Miller Time!  
  Just odd! Deb, Eseta and Adi unloading the catch just in. Just in and slowly getting used to us. Walt and Deb on one of the islands enjoying a break. Deb over turquoise water after a dive ( her Miller Time). The flooding in Fiji is no joke!  
  Lucky dawg in the flood. Main street is one level down sir! Trying to get to airport after flood....
where’s the road?
One of many schools on a visit…. awareness starts when they are young. This is it! The tiny airport at our northern station. Fish on the way down from northern station.  
  Walt and Deb gaze out to the beauty of the South Pacific on the way home from the farm. Got it boss! Diver on break during dive....
Holy smokes!
Cameron’s desk with orders… can you find the desk? Orders ready to ship. Natures Image… choosing a layout  
  More options for Natures Image. Another look at our options for a Natures Image layout. Walt And Deb call this their after work “board room” good place for a glass of wine and a warm swim while discussing the issues of the day. Diner by (or in) the pool… please! Deb, Kaelyn and Brittany at our California home … notice the jacket! Every January you will find us at our winter retreat in Whistler, Canada. This little hideaway is the perfect place to spend the hottest month in Fiji. But we still work every day…. Before hitting the slopes!.  
  Sometimes we actually get away to our friends vineyard in Sonoma, California. Deb with
“Santa” Walt.
Our back yard, it's islands like this where we started the first commercial coral farm in the world Deb clowning around Walt you see is what you get.    

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