Our Live Rock export has been a major source of export revenue for WSI and Fiji. When we expanded to Fiji in 1995 it was the only export we had until we were able to finally build the coral and fish system during the coming year. I was able to concentrate on what exactly the industry needed and developed the first ever live rock holding system that is still in use today. Our “Fiji Premium” has become the benchmark of the industry for high quality, porous live rock from the South Pacific. Since then we have expanded our variety to several other types of rock that you can see listed below.
Note: Not all of the rock varieties are available 100% of the time.

This is the same rock as our Fiji Premium but the difference is that it is shipped by air to maintain as much coralline algae and microorganisms as possible. Most hobbyist will agree that this is the highest quality on the market and some will insist on only Fiji Ultra air freighted rock.
This rock is rock is our most popular selling rock by far. It is light weight and porous and it is shipped by boat to save on cost. This rock is not as covered in coralline algae as Fiji Ultra would be but most hobbyists consider the savings on cost is their choice for the purchase of this rock.
This rock has very good shape and is very light weight. The sizes are usually larger than Fiji Premium shapes and is very popular because of the shape, porosity and weight. The price is higher than other rocks but the volume of this rock is far greater per cubic foot than any other rock we sell making it a good deal. This rock must be shipped by air freight because of the slightly less dense coralline coverage.
This is old dead large pieces of table coral. This type is perfect for making ledges and flat areas in the aquarium for realistic landscaping appearance. Every aquarium should have a couple of these pieces because of its ability to create ledges and shelves for a realistic appearance and to round out the assortment the customer will be looking for.
This rock is our newest discovery and has a completely different appearance than the rest of our rocks. It is found on the ocean floor in the sand and is very old fossilized coral full of holes and lightweight. This rock can be used to mix up the variety or instead of Fiji premium by itself.
This is our man made rock that is becoming very popular. The appearance has improved over the years since we started making it in 1998. We color the initial rock with dye in the mix and after it sits on the reef for about one year the color is magnificent and that blends with the coralline growing upon it, you can see more about this rock in our aquaculture section of this site.

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