Also known as “Yard Rock” this rock comes dry and cured in 48” x 48” x 48” palletized wooden crates for easy storage and shipping without the hassle of extra handling and packing.
    There are 4 different types of rock available and they all vary in weight and shape. Every rock is blasted then sun dried and cured and comes clean of debris with no odor.
    There are 20 crates for each 20 foot sea freight container and for the US market all prices are quoted landed at the port in Long Beach, San Francisco or Seattle. The cost of the crate is $65.00 USD and is included in the landed price of the rock but the weight for the crate (70 kg) is deducted from the overall weight charged.
  Note: All of our decorative rock is cleaned and dried prior to packing which requires a lot of time to prepare. All orders must be placed three weeks prior to shipping date and one half of the pro forma invoice will be due before we purchase the materials for the crate and order the rock from our suppliers. The balance will be due upon our delivery to the port and bill of laden is provided to us by the shipping company.
Shipping time is usually about 11 – 14 days from departure from Fiji depending on the vessel.
    * Fiji Decorative rock is not collected as live coral and then treated. This rock is mostly made up of our rejected live rock product that does not meet our standards as live rock once purchased from the village or is taken from dead patches of reef where it is over abundant and regularly monitored by C.I.T.E.S.

Thank you for your interest in our products and service.
Walt Smith


This rock is actually the same as our Fiji premium live rock in size and shape. It is popular among the customers who want to add this to their system but want to cut the cost of 100% live rock. When mixed with Fiji Premium live rock it eventually takes on the same color as the coralline begins to spread.
One crate will hold approx. 600 - 650 kgs.
This rock has very good shape and is very light weight. The sizes are usually larger than Premium shapes and is very popular because of the shape and weight. The price is higher than other rocks but the volume of this rock is far greater per cubic meter than any other rock we sell making it a good deal.
One crate will hold approx. 350 =- 400 kgs.
This rock is the same shape as the popular Tonga Branch and is bleached and cured white. It is a very good rock for creating shapes that mimic a realistic reef landscape but it is limited in quantity. We will advise availability at time of order.
One crate will hold approx. 450 – 500 kgs.
This is old dead large pieces of table coral. This type is perfect for making ledges and flat areas in the aquarium for realistic landscaping appearance. Every container should have a couple of these crates to round out the assortment the customer will be looking for.
One crate will hold approx. 600 – 650 kgs.

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